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During my time as a social copywriter at Gut Miami, I had the chance to work content for Popeyes, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Lyft and others. 


When we entered the agency, Popeyes was fresh from winning at Cannes with the "Y'all good?" tweet , so the bar was high for every little thing we did. 

Tapping into everyday culturally relevant events was our main way to create engaging conversations with the community, from weird shower vs bath polls to mocking the hottest sneakers launches to working with music festivals and NBA players, we had fun. 

We were everyday looking for ways to engage with our community and touched many themes they were interested in, even if those were not 100% related to Popeyes but gave us great interaction results, like the following IG Stories and Tweets (not sure if they are still called like that since is X now)

Screenshot 2024-03-20 at

Another random post was this UFO landing on our NOLA flagship store after getting
the data that UFO's were trending that day all over the Internet.  

(click to play)

Or when we celebrated our Anniversary with
an art piece made from our very own chicken, fries & biscuits 

Screenshot 2024-03-20 at

Or proving that sometimes calling names its OK when delicious food is involved. 

This Bath vs Shower poll gave us the most engagement in the brand IG story until that point, opening
the doors for more random content that people enjoyed.  

(click to play)

And a proposal for a little sauce dunking toy turned into a real dunking contest with NBA All Stars Ja Morant and Anthony Edwards.

(click to play)

Or like when we noticed Scarfs were trending around TikTok,
so we designed and produced these ones
for a fashion poll.

Screenshot 2024-03-20 at

The effectiveness of all these random posts gave
us the chance to propose ideas that would not
make it to any other agency deck, like this one
that unfortunately did not happen but I feel
it should be shown anyway. 

First we found that the MLB The Show 22 game had new features for their Franchise Mode, allowing you to create and control a baseball franchise from scratch, to the point of even adding your own uniforms and team logos. This gave the chance for people to go crazy and lucky us, someone was inspired to create their Popeyes franchise and tag us in this video. 

We saw it and slide straight in his DM's.
Here came the sad news. We found out that the creator was underage
and we could not work
with him, so the idea
went to the shelves. 

The idea was to invite people to create their and own
a Popeyes Franchise in MLB The Show to get a real life discount for the same percentage a real life Popeyes franchisee gets at the restaurant. 

Along the power of random, we also had to create evergreen content and collaborations with influencers and team members to communicate our retail/digital offers with delivery partners and seasonal products like the IDK Meal, $6 Big Box, Flounder Fish Sandwich, 50 Nuggets Box and booths at concerts and events. 

This 100+ years iconic brand came to GUT asking for
a new approach to their social media with hesitation to go far from their comfort zone, glad we did the opposite.  

Starting with the "Feeladelphia" campaign films, we had the chance to create perfectly satisfying loops that get you in the right mood to enjoy your favorite toasted
or sweet treats with the smoothest cream cheese.  

These loops became trending with the campaign, racking up millions of views on TikTok, giving us traction to jump on social trends and bring Philadelphia to a more engaging road with their cream cheese lovers community.

So the next challenge became giving their new seasonal product a chance to make a splash on social, and so we did by giving birth to the concept: "Pumpkin Spice Everything"

(click to play)

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