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Learning a new language should
be simple and fun!

Even if Duolingo is the most popular language globally, GenZers are still not thrilled to learn through the app. 

How can we make them more excited

to practice with Duolingo?

We took the most entertaining language-based platform on the planet, Netflix, and transformed it into the world's most entertaining language teacher. A Netflix dubbed dialogue and subtitle feature powered by Duolingo mixes up languages to learn new languages. 

How it works?

When selecting your language, choose the Duolingo option and pick the two languages you'd like to combine: 1st: your Primary language

2nd: the one you'd like to learn, the Embedded one. 



Amira Moussa/ Miami Ad School Toronto

Erick Pimentel/ Miami Ad School Punta Cana


2021 New york Festival

 Shortlist- Branded Content/ Entertainment

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