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I ♥️:  🎥 🎨 ✍️ 🚗 🎮 📸 🎧 👟 🍺  +

Advertising isn't my first career at all. I started working in the front desk of many Hotels like Holiday Inn and Embassy Suites in Santo Domingo for a few years during my early 20's after college.

Welcoming guest from all over the world was a lot of fun but

it wasn't my real passion, so I decided to get out of that world

and try something I have been always curious about: IDEAS


I started a small production company with a close friend

and we did a few concerts around town. By selling those concert ideas to brands for sponsorship made me realize that I was in the world of selling ideas to brands where people can have a good time without having an interruption but a feeling of being accompanied. This gave me the push to enter in the fantastic world of advertising.

In 2017, I enrolled at The Atomic Garden creative school in Santo Domingo and got my first job right after graduation as a copywriter at PagésBBDO. After almost two years there and doing some

award-winning work the local and Central-Caribbean market

of brands like Doritos, Lays, Quaker, Camel, Botox, Volkswagen, Color Vision TV, etc. and two trips to Cannes Lions Festival,

I knew I had to get better, even when getting 40+ international awards in that time.


I heard Miami Ad School was opening in my country, so while I waited that, I decided to take a gig as Senior Creative at Shift Branding Studio and moved later to Ogilvy & Mather DR to work with Infiniti and Chevrolet respectively.


In late 2019 I finally entered Miami Ad School Punta Cana and finished the Art Direction portfolio program in summer 2021 with an internship at GUT Miami, where I became their first team Social Copywriter until summer 2022, working mostly with Popeyes, Lyft and Philly Cream Cheese.

After having my dream come true and worked and the agency I wanted, I started doing freelance for independent agencies in the Dominican Republic like The Table and Jana Studio, working with brands like El Catador, Parval Puesto de Bolsa, Universidad Unibe and others while also going back to Miami Ad School for Creative Direction and Experiential Marketing programs and working on Films like the soon to be released "Le Dernier Repas" with El Estudio/ Too Caribbean and ACPAV inc films. 

Now looking for new 🔥🔥 challenges all around the 🌎

Past Agencies:

Copywriter @ PagésBBDO DR (2017-2018)

Senior Creative @ Shift Branding Studio  (2018-2019)

Senior Copywriter @ Ogilvy & Mather DR (2019-2020)

Social Copywriter @ GUT Miami (2021-2022)

Freelance Sr. Copywriter @ The Table by Ferrari & Borrell (2022)

Freelance Sr. Creative @ Jana Studio (2023)

Education In Advertising: 

Creative Direction @ MAD Buenos Aires 2023

Experiential Marketing MAD Miami / Punta Cana 2023

Art Direction @ MAD Punta Cana 2020-2021

Brother Redemption @ Brother Santo Domingo 2019

Intensive Creative @The Atomic Garden Santo Domingo 2017


I have fun solving problems and getting paid for it 👨‍💻💰. Advertising helps me satisfy my urge to create and bring ideas to life while meeting many cool, creative, honest, and smart people full of culture and craziness.

My first career was in Hotel Management/ Marketing 👨‍🎓. From 2013-2017, while working in many hotels and bars, this was my life: 🏨 🏖 🍔 🥃 🍾🍷 🍻 🎵 🎉 🥳 with people from all over the world. In 2017, I went to The Atomic Garden Advertising School Santo Domingo to learn Creative Advertising and got my first Copywriter job @PagésBBDO, where I got some international awards and worked with many global clients and regional markets like Frito Lay (Lays, Doritos, Cheetos, Quaker), Camel, Volkswagen, Botox and many more.

After BBDO, I went to Shift Branding Studio (mid-2019) as a Creative Supervisor and work with Infiniti cars. After that short stint, in 2020, I was a freelance copywriter at Ogilvy RD for Chevrolet (Feb-Jul 2020) while finally entering Miami Ad School Punta Cana to

become an art director, a better copywriter,

a better global creative. 


(Life Experiences need another site or a movie, too many to count) 

or let's connect on one of the platforms below

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